Tuesday, 8 November 2011

"Beauties Of the World" series.


 "Beauties Of the World"
This series is to represent your or your forefathers' nationality, you need to have a shirt or flag with the country of your choice represented..you may wear whatever else you want but the country you choose needs to be the centre of attention..


   "Beauties Of the World" series.

Shooting dates, open. Series to be continued in 2012

I will spend up to 2 hrs with each model, be it shooting or waiting for her to get ready*
(*bodypainting, make-up ect...)
So try to be as ready as you can before you arrive, (I do have space if you wish to do your make-up in studio) it's up to you how you spend your time....if there is bodypainting involved, I know it's an incredible art form and like any good art, it takes time, I realize this, so I suggest possibly coming earlier and getting ready prior to your shoot time, I would have an area below the studio where this could be done.

For those seriously interested in being part of this series, you can message me on FB or e-mail me.


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