Friday, 4 November 2011

Pic-tale news and "Beauties of the World" series

November's scheduled Pic-tale # 4 has been cancelled and will be set for early next summer when the weather is more appropriate since it would take place outside, I should of realized this, also the fact that if Pic-tale # 3 was any indication, one day shooting won't be enough, we're looking at least 4 or 5 different sessions or more depending on the weather...I will in the meantime write down a few ideas and possibly come up with a another Pic-tale set indoors or in studio.
I learned much on the production of "control", number one, patience, #2 make sure that the chemistry between the models works (I've been lucky on all 3 Pic-tales), #3 pay attention to the small details, #4  make it fun so no one looses interest, #5 be passionate, sleep at night, #6 don't give up, #7 get a make up artist with a lot of patience and...ohh yeah #8 make your own *music for the sountrack...Which brings me to another announcement, I will be adding a brand new soundtrack to "control" soon that will be created by very talented someone very close to me who is in Edmonton composing the music as I write this.
Now as for AMO Art and photography, I would like to do a "Beauties of the World" series featuring models displaying their or their fore father's heritage wearing a shirt or a flag of a particular country.

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